Get A Calendar Link For Renewing Your Twitch Prime Gaming Subscriptions

How To Use

For Twitch Streamers

If you are a Twitch streamer (ideally a Partner or Affiliate level streamer), you can use this site in the following way.

Put your twitch handle in the box at the top of the page & click the “Generate your Link” button

Copy this link to a safe place & on your Twitch Profile, add the link to a panel – a guide on how to do so is here.

Direct Subscribers to the link to encourage them to renew!

For Twitch Users

If you are watching your favourite streamer and you have Prime Gaming (if not, you can get Prime Gaming from Amazon Prime here).

Subscribe to your favourite streamer with Prime Gaming.

Click the link to Streamer Sub Alerts in their Twitch Panel. Or you can generate a link on their behalf above!

Click your calendar of choice & switch the alert on. We have guides for Outlook, Google Calendar & Apple Calendar.

About Streamer Sub Alert

If you have Amazon Prime, one of the benefits is that you get a free Prime Gaming subscription to any streamer that is a Twitch Affiliate or above. Subscribing to your favourite streamer has a wealth of benefits, including supporting the streamer, ad free viewing, a bunch of cool badges and emotes dedicated to the streamer as well.

However, one issue with Prime Gaming subscription is that it doesn’t auto renew, meaning that your viewers subscribed via Prime Gaming may forget to renew automatically. Streamer Sub Notifier allows you to generate a link which you can add to your Twitch profile. The link, when clicked, will allow your viewers to generate a calendar invite that will alert them to renew Prime Gaming Subscriptions their subscription is up. This will prompt them to resubscribe!


Click the button below to see how this site works. Use this to generate an alert to renew Prime Gaming Subscriptions for my Twitch account.

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