Importing ics Files into Apple Calendar

Importing iCal (.ics) files generated by Streamer Sub Alerts into Apple’s Calendar application is simple. All you have to do is head to where you downloaded the file (which is usually the “Downloads” folder) and find the file named [streamer-name]-twitch-prime-renewal.ics

Double click on this & the calendar application will open. At this point you are prompted to add the calendar to your application.

That will import the calendar event into Apple Calendar! Apple – however – by default – disables setting alerts so you’ll have to set it manually. To do this click on the event and click on the date of the event in the popup that appears. Scroll down to “alert” and set the alert for the event. I usually do it 10 minutes before.

Removing The Event From Apple Calendar

Streamer stopped streaming and you want to remove the event? No problem! Simply find the event and right click to select delete. In the window that appears make sure “Delete All” is selected (it isn’t the default option).