Importing ics Files into Google Calendar

Importing iCal Files into Google Calendar can be a bit trickier than other formats, but can be done quite easily if you follow this small guide.

After downloading your file, go to Google Calendar, and click on the Gear icon, which is located in the top corner. Scroll down and click “Settings”.

From there click on “Import & Export” in the sidebar and make sure that the “Import” selection is selected. In the dropdown labelled “Add to Calendar” make sure the calendar that you wish to import the event into is selected, and click on “Select a File from your computer”. If everything is correct, click “Import”

Return to your calendar and find the event you have uploaded (it should be a month on from where you have started now). Hover over it and click on the pencil icon that appears.

From there click on “Add Notification” to add a notification so that you get alerted at the time or day of the event. It’s a good idea to add an email as well as a normal notification, as the normal notification will only occur on a device that calendar is connected to, or if you happen to have a window open at the same time.

Removing The Event From Google Calendar

Streamer stopped streaming and you want to remove the event? No problem! Simply find the event and hover over the event again. Click the trashcan icon to delete the event. Make sure in the next pop up you click either “This and Following Events” or “All Events”.