Adding a Streamer Sub Alert Button To Your Twitch Profile

When you have created a link for your Twitch profile on Streamer Sub Alert, the next thing to do is to add it to your profile. This will talk you through the most common way to do it.

If you haven’t generated a link, please return to the home page and create a link. Copy it to the clipboard and then return here.

Back? Cool. Right, it needs to be eye catching so a good idea would be to use our logo to link it to. Right click on this image below and click “Save As”.

Now go to Twitch. Click on “Edit Panels” and then click “Add a Text or Image Panel” to add a new standard panel. Upload the image you’ve saved by clicking on “Add Image”, and then paste the link you’ve created and copied to the clipboard.

Click Submit and then boom! The button should be working and linking through to your page on Streamer Sub Alert.