How To Subscribe to a Streamer with Twitch Prime

This guide assumes you have an Amazon Account & a Twitch Account. Please sign up to both (for free) before starting, as this guide will show you how to subscribe to a streamer with Twitch Prime, for free!

To begin supporting your favourite streamer for free, you need an Amazon Account with Amazon Prime. This guide will talk you through the connection process.

Connect Your Amazon Prime Account With Twitch

First off, go to, and click on the “Try Prime” button. You’ll be prompted with your country and then encouraged to sign in.

Sign into your Amazon Prime account, and then you’ll be prompted to sign into your Twitch account.

You’ll be then shown the “Welcome” page that will show you the other benefits you get with Twitch Prime.

If you’ve reached this window, feel free to close it. We’re now getting into Twitch!

Subscribe to your favourite streamer

Now, after linking your two accounts, you have to subscribe to your streamer. I’ve made an easy tool to do this – simply type the name of your streamer below and you’ll be taken to their subs page.

From their page you land click at the top right hand corner for the “Subscribe” button. Click on that.

A Popup will appear which will show the benefits of subscribing. From there, scroll down to “Two Ways to Subscribe”. On this section, in the button next to “Free Subscription with Twitch Prime”, click “Subscribe”.

Picture thanks to @Dominoid on Twitter.

Set a Calendar Reminder to Subscribe to a steamer with Twitch Prime

Finally, you can set a calendar reminder as it does not auto renew. You can either choose to subscribe to the same user above by clicking on the left button, or choose to subscribe to a random user using the right button.

That’s how you subscribe to a streamer with Twitch Prime. If you need any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact me.