Validation for the Twitch ID Field

I’ve added a small feature to the site, in that now the script add automated validation of usernames to Twitch’s standards.

I was noticing that there were a small number of errors from people who were adding various characters that aren’t allowed in Twitch’s username fields. Those users had put errant characters when signing up.

From the guidelines, Twitch only allows the following characters within their usernames:-

  • Alphanumeric Characters (a to z, 0 to 9)
  • Underscores (_)
  • A maximum of 25 characters

So we’ve put those limits on the form. Now if you try and break it you get one (or both) of these two messages.

Furthermore, if you click “Copy to Clipboard” without anything in that box, you’ll get a notification that you have nothing in said box.

As always, I’m always looking for feedback. So if you have any, please let me know by contacting me.

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